Automatic Loading Module
  • One-button loading, processing efficiency can be increased by more than 20%.

  • High-precision swing arm positioning control ensures accurate loading position.

  • 120° large-scare of rotation angle makes the working position and device layout more flexible.

  • To configure a rich safety sensor module that ensures operation security.


Parameter Configuration :

Adaptable model: E3015/P3015/E3015T/P3015T
Module dimensions: 4200mm*1500mm*2650mm
Weight: 1300kg
Maximum loading weight: 700Kg
Z-axis travel: 700mm
R-axis travel: 0~120°
Z-axis positioning accuracy: ±1mm
R-axis positioning accuracy: ±1°
Operation method: Key operation
Lifting method: Sprocket, chain

P3015 Fiber laser cutting machine

Applicable Models
E3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Applicable Industry:


Engineering Machinery Industry


Door Industry




Car Sheet Material

The iLoader is applied to where not many batches for each kinds of sheet need to be done. For example, the engineering machinery, the car sheet material, the door industry, the road and bridge, the electric box, the elevator, the hardware industry, the sheet-metal industry, etc.