Full Automatic Loading and Unloading System
  • Equipped with two sets of raw material pallets and finished material pallets to realize the automatic transfer and auto-return storage cost-effectively, meeting the needs of medium or large batches and small varieties of sheets.

  • Support automatic loading and unloading of up to 25 mm thick plates of various sizes.

  • Overall lightweight design, the split modular design greatly reduces the installation time and transportation cost.

  • Reasonable structural design and concise control logic make the whole cyclic loading cycle only in 110 seconds.


Parameter Configuration :

Adaptable model: P3015
Working area: 1000mm*1000mm-3000mm*1500mm
Module dimensions: 5020mm*3540mm*2558mm
Weight: 7260kg
Operation method: Touch screen operation
Maximum loading weight: 900Kg
Maximum thickness of feeding plate: 25mm
Maximum height of finished sheet: 85mm

P3015 All Cover Exchange Platform Laser Cutting Machine

Applicable Models
P3015 All Cover Exchange Platform Laser Cutting Machine

Applicable Industry:


Engineering Machinery Industry


Electrical Cabinet




The iTrans can be applied to where not many types of sheet but a certain batch of them need to be done. For example, the elevator, the electrical cabinet, the engineering machinery industry, etc.