Intelligent Loading and Unloading, Compact Solid Storage Tower for Intelligent Production
  • Suction tooling and gear shaping tooling are highly integrated, reducing equipment footprint.

  • The whole line can realize fully-automatic operation, ensuring unattended production process.

  • The storage space of the eight-story cargo grid satisfies the storage requirements of various plates and the return function of finished materials.

  • Equipped with two discharge layers to get the fastest cycling time shortened to 180s, making "loading waiting" a thing of the past.


Parameter Configuration :

Adaptable model: P3015
Working area: 1000mm*1000mm-3000mm*1500mm
Module dimensions: 6300mm*4670mm*5200mm
Weight: 12000kg
Single layer bearing weight: 3T
Storehouse floor height: 400mm
X shaft stroke (feeding): 5000mm
Z1 Axis Travel (loading): 850mm
Z2 axis stroke (blanking): 850mm
Operation method: Touch screen operation
Lifting method: Sprocket, chain

P3015 All Cover Exchange Platform Laser Cutting Machine

Applicable Models
P3015 All Cover Exchange Platform Laser Cutting Machine

Applicable Industry:


Auto Sheet Metal


Electrical Cabinet




The iTrans Tower can be used for the large amount of sheet cutting and certain categories in the auto sheet metal, the electrical cabinet, the electronics and other industries.